The presentation of quilts to our wounded Australian Defence Force Personnel and families who have lost a loved one is possible through the support of our growing community of volunteer quilters. If you would like to volunteer your time, materials, or skills please read on to discover how.

What to Send

We welcome any of the following contributions.

  • Squares measuring 8 ½ inch, 10 ½ inch, or 12 ½ inch.
  • Tops with or without backing, measuring minumum of 50 inches by 70 inches.
  • Complete quilt(s) measuring 50 inches by 70 inches.
  • Quilt supplies are welcome, such as wadding, thread, etc. Please contact us if you would like to send large quantities of raw materials.


Please follow these recommendations as applicable.


Squares measuring 8 ½ inch, 10 ½ inch or 12 ½ inch
Quilt tops measuring minimum of 50 inches by 70 inches
Complete quilts measuring 50 inches by 70 inches


New cotton quilting fabric, wool/polyester wadding.
Avoid bright neon colours and pinks.


Avoid floral materials.


Pre-wash and iron all fabric before commencing sewing.

Presentation Case

Please supply a pillowcase or similar, matching quilt if possible for presentation to soldier. This case will also aid in the storage and transportation of the quilt.
Presentation cases are welcome whether you are sending a complete quilt or not.

Information for Label

If you are sending a complete quilt please provide your name or patchwork group (optional full name) and where you are from (suburb and state) (optional full address), to personalise the quilt for the soldier. (e.g. Wynette Brown, Bayside VICTORIA).
Quilt of Valour label will be attached to each quilt.

How to Send

Please send quilts or quilt components to:

Quilts of Valour Australia
PO BOX 9057
Harkaway, VIC, Australia 3806


If you would like to offer your help with any other facets of Quilts of Valour Australia, such as donating your time or any other resources that may benefit this organisation to support our troops, please contact us.