Annual Report 2021-2022

This is our eleventh year of Quilts of Valour Australia (QOVA). The 2021/2022 year has seen the easing of COVID restrictions.

Congratulations to all involved. The decision to set up QOVA followed the Black Hawk helicopter disaster on 21st June 2010. The first official meeting for QOVA, with office bearers, followed a meeting of six people around Helen’s dining room table on 24th February 2012. It has grown to include sixty-six members covering committee members, coordinators, and representatives. There are hundreds of generous quilt makers right around Australia.

QOVA complies with all government regulations relating to not-for-profit charities. This year ‘Quilts of Valour Australia’ has been acknowledged as meeting the requirements for registration under the Trademarks Act 1995. The application for Trademark has been approved.

Quilts of Valour Australia has had articles written and published in various media including the Australian Women’s Weekly, the ‘Mufti’ magazine produced by RSL Victoria, the Summer Edition of RSL News Queensland, Beaudesert Times, Fassifern Guardian, and several articles in newspapers

We have awarded well over three thousand quilts to veterans affected by their service to

our country since QOVA began. We have been such a success, and financially viable

despite no assistance from government, because of the contributions from the wonderful

volunteers and the many community organisations, individuals, and companies.

It is awesome that our wonderful quilters have continued to make and donate quilts

throughout the year. We are grateful to the long-arm machine quilters who have

continued to donate their time and talents in machine quilting for QOVA. Some of our quilt

makers throughout Australia have been quite awe-inspiring this year with their output of

donated quilts. Our team have been busy with collecting and organising sending of quilts, undertaking quilt awards, speaking engagements, keeping on top of all the admin needs, raising awareness of QOVA, sorting, and organising quilts, badging, taking photos of quilt arrivals. I wish to convey a special thank you to all our executive, coordinators, and a growing team of representatives for their amazing support and dedication. We welcome a new coordinator in Tasmania, Peter Ellis. Many thanks go to Christine Cutler for her years of support to Quilts of Valour Australia as coordinator in Tasmania.

We continue to receive several moving thank-you letters, cards, and emails from quilt

recipients and their families. Many speak of the positive impact the quilt has made upon

their lives.

The financial situation reflects the wonderful donations from organisations in NSW,

Queensland and Victoria in particular, as well as from a wide range of individuals. Many

RSLs from around Australia have been generous. Thanks to Jennifer for her excellent work

as our treasurer. Also, many thanks to the state coordinators and representatives who have

facilitated this healthy financial position.

We are again grateful to Victorian Textiles for the transport of boxes of quilts around


Wyn has once again been a great President. Helen, as founder and secretary, has been busy with many of the administrative tasks

associated with QOVA. Helen was honoured and surprised to receive the Inner Wheel’s highest honour. International Inner Wheel approve applications for the Margarette Golding award, and Helen was the only one to receive the award in Australia this year. It reflects the work done by so many generous people for Quilts of Valour Australia.

Many thanks to all our volunteers who support QOVA in so many ways. Next year

will be our twelfth year of operation. This would not have been possible without the

leadership and dedication of our committee, State coordinators and representatives as well as everyone’s generous support.

We thank all those that have had to step down for health reasons for their amazing support. We send our prayers and thoughts to our supporters that have died, Susan Jordan and Vicki Venables. We also send prayers and hugs to our representative David Ryan, who has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness.