Annual Report 2020-2021

Another year for QOVA and another Covid year!

In Victoria we are on our sixth Corona Virus lockdown. NSW is having a worse time with Covid numbers and Victoria is forecast to have higher numbers in October. Some quilts were awarded early in the year in all states but only Queensland has been able to award quilts in the last few months. Many thanks to all who have presented quilts over the past 12 months.

It is amazing that our wonderful quilters have continued to make and donate quilts throughout the year. We are very grateful to the long arm machine quilters who have continued to donate their time and talents machine quilting for QOVA. Some of our quilt makers throughout Australia have been amazing with their output of quilts at these challenging times.

We have received a number of moving thank you letters, cards and emails from quilt recipients who are so grateful to receive a quilt from QOVA. Many speak of the positive impact the quilt has made upon their lives.

The financial report shows that our income was excellent due to some wonderful donations from organisations in NSW and Queensland as well as a wide range of private donations. Because of these donations and lower expenditure our finances are very sound. Thanks to Jennifer for her excellent work as our treasurer. Many thanks to the state coordinators and representatives who have facilitated this healthy financial position.

Fortunately our expenditure for supplies was minimal this year. We are again grateful to Victorian Textiles for the transport of boxes of quilts around Australia. We are also grateful to Helen for organising QOVA to be classed as a business for lower postage rates.

Helen has been very busy with many administrative tasks associated with QOVA and I am very grateful to her for her wonderful work.

Many thanks to all our volunteers who support QOVA in so many different ways. Next year will be our eleventh year of operation and this would not have been possible without the leadership and dedication of Helen and everyone’s generous support.

Wyn Roper


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2 thoughts on “Annual Report 2020-2021

  1. Good morning, thank you for keeping interested quilters updated, what is the involvement in WA in QOVA, thanks

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