Newsletter November 2019

Quilts of Valour Australia

Newsletter November 2019

Quilts of Valour Australia has now awarded in excess of 2000 quilts with coordinators and representatives in every State and Territory of Australia. This list continues to grow providing a local person to personally award quilts as request come through.

There have been numerous media reports on the great work and impact that awarding quilts to those touched by war has achieved.

Our President, Wyn Roper, and our Founder/ Secretary, Helen Comport, appeared on the Channel 7 news bulletin on Remembrance Day 2018.

There have been newspaper and magazine articles in several States commenting on the great benefits of Quilts of Valour Australia. Quilts are being awarded around Australia every week.

 Our coordinators in New South Wales, Stan and Sue Allen continue to reach further into their community generating wonderful support and recognising well deserving veterans with quilt awards.

 Our coordinators in Queensland, Barbara and Bill Kenny, have organised and made hundreds of quilts awards. They have made a huge impact with Quilt awards to the veterans care program. With their help the list of QOVA representatives has spread up to Northern Queensland.

We are grateful to our coordinators in the rest of Australia. Christine Cutler- Tasmania, Elvira Richardson – SA, Pam Palmer –NT, Kate Saunders- WA and Kathryn Doyle-Hailey in ACT.

We have a wonderful executive committee who meet regularly and ensure smooth running of our growing organisation. We have wonderful liaison with quilting groups who offer amazing support.

Hundreds of generous quilters are involved at every level. The tasks range from attaching labels, binding quilts, making patchwork tops and quilting the layers together. Quilts Ins occur twice a year at Harkaway in Victoria and recently there was a Quilt In at Boonah in Queensland. Representatives have had stands at quilt shows and conventions around Australia. We are very grateful to all the individuals and groups who give of their time, talent and fabric.

We welcome support in every way knowing that those touched by war are so deeply helped. Many comment on the meaning behind the quilt and how comforting it is to know that other Australians recognise their Service, Sacrifice and Valour.

Our upcoming Quilt In is on Saturday 23rd November at Harkaway Hall, King Rd, Harkaway, Victoria from 10am till 3 pm.

Interview with Neil Mitchell from Channel 7. This interview with Wyn and Helen was televised on Remembrance Day 2018.

Quilt awarded by Bob and Margaret Braithwaite to Peter Annels in South Australia

Stan Allen (NSW) awarding a quilt to Pat Konemann

Photographed is one of the Dignity quilts made for RSL Nursing homes in Victoria

Barbara Kenny awarding a quilt to Rod Stenholm in Queensland

Pam Palmer (Northern Territory) awarding a quilt to Brigadier Ben James.

Kathryn Doyle Hailey (ACT) awarding a quilt to Father Richard Thompson

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